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Once a volcano cone, Mt. Meru in Tanzania lost its top and its entire eastern side in a gigantic explosion perhaps a quarter million years ago leaving a huge caldera that now constitutes the main mass of the mountain. Rising from the caldera is an ash-cone, the result of post-explosion volcanism. The mountain is located in the middle of Arusha National Park, so the hike on the first day has a special charm. In the lowlands of the mountain, accompanied by a ranger, you will see baboons, buffaloes, giraffes and other wildlife. The ascent leads through various vegetation zones, from the grassland into the rainforest, and through the heath and moorland into the alpine desert. For the 4 days invested in the climb, Mt. Meru will yield a rich reward of scenery, wildlife, flowers and geology. A great mountain, which stands unjustifiably in the shadow of Kilimanjaro.

We will depart Nairobi early morning to arrive in Arusha by early afternoon. Settle in the hotel and freshen up, have some free time to relax before we meet for our first group dinner and briefing. Have an early rest awaiting Day 2 when the adventure begins.
After early morning breakfast in Arusha we will be picked up from the hotel for a transfer to the Momella Gate of Arusha National Park where the climb will begin. The first day of hiking is similar to a walking safari; we will get to see giraffes, zebras, antelopes, buffalos, and potentially elephants near the trail. As we continue hiking we will pass the Ngarenanyuki River and a beautiful waterfall at the base of Mt. Meru. Dinner and overnight spend will be at Miriakamba hut.
Day 2 Hike Stats
Start Point: Momella Gate (1500m) End Point: Miriakamba Hut (2500m) Total Distance: 14 Kms Duration: 6 Hours
The adventure goes on, with temperatures now dropping its time to dress more warmly and continue with the climb! Today we ascend up the steep trail along the ridge of the saddle where if lucky we may see various wildlife along the way! The trail has views of Mt. Meru Crater and the Ash Tray. When we arrive at Saddle Hut after a brief rest we will have the option of hiking Little Mt. Meru (3820 m) to further acclimate. Dinner and overnight spend at Saddle Hut.
Day 3 Hike Stats
Start Point: Miriakamba Hut (2500m) End Point: Saddle Hut (3500m) Total Distance: 6 Kms Duration: 5 Hours
The moment of glory we have been waiting for, the summit push! It’s time to give everything we got! We break camp from Saddle hut at 1am for an intense 5- or 6-hour push to the summit. This is the most mentally and physically challenging portion of the trek. Time to have your ‘A’ game ON. We ascend in the dark for several hours while taking frequent short, breaks from Rhino Point (3800 m) to Cobra Point (4350 m). In the last hour of the hike we will scramble on a rocky ridge between the crater and inner cliffs of Meru. We will then reach the summit of Meru (4565 m) at sunrise with spectacular views of Mt. Meru Ash Tray and Mt. Kilimanjaro. After a summit happy dance and taking in the breath-taking views descend to Saddle Hut for breakfast and a short break then continue descending to Miriakamba Hut (2500 m) for dinner and overnight.
Day 4 Hike Stats
Start Point: Saddle Hut (3500m) End Point: Miriakamba Hut (2500m) Total Distance: 18 Kms Duration: 14 Hours
Being the easiest day, we will have late breakfast at 8am then begin our final leg of the descent. This time we descend through a shorter route via the Tululunsi waterfall. Have a victory dance at the Momella gate with our guides and porters then catch our transport back to Arusha. Check in back to the hotel in Arusha and enjoy a long overdue shower and fresh change of clothes! Come evening we will have a celebratory dinner!
Day 5 Hike Stats
Start Point: Miriakamba Hut (2500m) End Point: Momella Gate (1500m) Total Distance: 7 Kms Duration: 6 Hours
Mission accomplished! it’s the end of the epic adventure. After breakfast it’s time to say goodbye to the lovely town of Moshi and catch our transport back to Nairobi.

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