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Hike one of the most magical trails in the country. The Morijo- Entasopia trail will give you a cultural, wilderness and forest experience all in one. The excellent views of the plains and Hills will leave you asking for more. The warmth and hospitality of the Maasai people will hold you to the land. The sunrise and sunset in strategic viewpoints are breath-taking and calming at the same time. Come experience this beauty with us. The plains and the hills are in the southern part of Kenya near the border of Kenya and Tanzania and to the north of the world acknowledged Maasai Mara Wildlife Reserve. From Maji Moto near Narok (245km from Nairobi) to Nguruman near Lake Magadi a space covered by beautiful hills, enchanting forests and magical plains managed by the Maasai community making this home to some of the finest and less walked hiking trails in the country. At the altitude of about 2450M ASL the highest point of the Hills and from other vantage points the Hills reveals other mountains in the horizon among them Ol Donyo Lengai and 4 Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Morijo to Kanunka River Camp Morijo is at the edge of the forest, a contrast of exposed Maasai wilderness we are used to. A 5 hour trail through animal tracts under beautiful forest overgrowths dotted with occasional openings revealing the beauty of the land delivers us to our camp by River Kanunka where we will spend the night. As we bonfire into the night the sounds of rock hyraxes, a leopard howl and laughing hyenas will sooth us into our tents. Total trekking distance on Day 1: 5kms.
Kanunka Camp to Esoit Neigero Camp We walk along the river and once again we re-enter the forest and walk under the cool canopies of the equatorial forest. On this day we reach the highest point on this ridge and from here we are rewarded with two magical views of mountains Ol Donyo Lengai and Kilimanjaro in neighbouring Tanzania, also seen from this point is Shompole Hill in Nguruman Escarpment. Along the trail sightings of bush bucks and water bucks grazing quietly only distracted by your presence is exciting. It's also possible to sight Elephants and buffalos. The day ends at the clearing that is Esoit Neigero Campsite where we also spend the night. Total trekking distance on Day 2: 10kms.
Esoit Neigero Camp to Entasopia Camp On this day we walk a few hours in the jungle before exiting the forest into the acacia wilderness. The trail will take us down the hills into Nguruman Escarpment. The major attraction for the day is Entasopia River and Waterfall. Here we can take a dip to cool ourselves. In the evening magical views of Lake Magadi and Mt. Olorgesailie in the horizon under the sunset will bond you with nature. Later we head to our campsite to settle in as we savour the last in night in this magical landscape.
Entosapia Camp to Nairobi After breakfast we prepare and break camp as we head back to Nairobi via Magadi the Kiserian and Ongata rongai.

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